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Daniel Marsh, Ultimate Bananery

Daniel Marsh, Ultimate Bananery

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Ultimate Bananery

The painting, 'Ultimate Bananery', sits within the friction between sincerity and irony - two discordant sides that are often pinned to contemporary painting, particularly in a pluralist gallery setting. Settled in an ongoing series of 'cartography paintings', the aim of the painting is to clumsily push the parameters of a practice. Through adding new and totally unrelated motifs to the workspace of this series, 'Ultimate Bananery', outlines a transitory phase of breaking through limitation that revels in a confused space-less-ness; but does not take joy in outwitting or appearing superior than the sum of its parts, or, especially, the viewer.

50 x 70 cm

oil, acrylic, image transfer, and house paint on canvas

Daniel Marsh is an artist based in Liverpool, where he has created and exhibited various idiosyncratic paintings. His practice reconsiders painting as a two-dimensional discipline, often utilizing sculptural processes to create unusual and ambitious paintings-as-objects showcasing alternative ways in which painting can exist.

This work is featured as part of the Convenience Store at the Manchester Contemporary in 2023.

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