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Joseph Henry Hulme, Edmund Grindal

Joseph Henry Hulme, Edmund Grindal

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Edmund Grindal

Pansies grown, collected and pressed by the artist. Giclée Printed Edition

307 x 220mm307 x 220mm

Joseph Henry Hulme b. Wakefield 1991. Lives and works in Liverpool. Co-Founder of CBS Gallery & Studios. My artistic practise , although sporadic, finds its foundations in drawing, writing and photography. The majority of my work begins outside of the studio. It is then brought back to be meticulously worked through, processed and finalised. As an artist I am predisposed with questioning the understanding of an idea itself, how they are generated, how they fail and are abandoned, or succeed, and are pushed forward through justification. This results in a practise that is broad and often difficult to summarise. Ideas and concepts overlap, expand and contract. The works are often greatly ambiguous, yet comply to my consistent narrative, aiming to project a stream of thought that you the viewer are constantly running to keep up with.

This work is featured as part of the Convenience Store at the Manchester Contemporary in 2023.

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