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Luke George, Liberty Spies the Wounded

Luke George, Liberty Spies the Wounded

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Oil on Canvas

Luke’s large-scale painted works are the product of time-intensive, cumulative mark-making, which finds anchorages in colour and a balance between abstract and figurative imagery; between minimalism and excess.

The paintings represent a combined output sourced from both an inward, autobiographical concentration and a more outward perspective, with which Luke reflects upon the modern environment, interested primarily in the capacity in which painting can operate as a method of documentation of memory. Luke incorporates a variety of imagery throughout his work, borrowing from classical notions of landscape and portraiture painting, which are then reimagined, collaged and presented with a modern, sexualised and reductionist twist in order to invent scenes rich which colour and a vibrancy that suggests joyous contentment, but are often occupied by bashful, uncomfortable and mischievous characters which inject an uncertainty and an innate unease into their surroundings.

Fraught with abstract verdancy and suggestions of a figure, Luke's paintings imbue a sense of the strangeness in the seemingly normal, offering a perverse beauty within a world informed by the colourists and abstract expressionists alike, that shine through in thoughtful reductions.


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