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Elisa, Koi Pond

Elisa, Koi Pond

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Koi Pond 2022 

Tufted rug, wool and fabric 

Elisa's practice incorporates kitsch and 'hyper'feminine clichés to offset the white cube's lack of public accessibility and how we connect with art in general. Elisa accomplishes this by creating overly saturated tactile pieces that mimic the sensation of being in a cartoon. The artist promotes continued collaboration with others in order to bring fibre arts forward into the artistic world, bringing to light the underbelly of mediums that aren't considered high art, such as textiles and craft. Elisa is half of arts collective 'EllSQUARED', who facilitate rug-making workshops in the city; and collaborate on practice based work as well as exhibition making.

The Koi Pond rug was a focal piece within a larger installation for my BA degree show in which myself and two other artists I worked collaboratively with created a fully immersive and playable mini golf course housed within a over-stylised and hand-crafted park (within our fine art studio building). The piece’s intention was to be a component within the installations aesthetic as well elevating the way in which we see functional and decorative art in a white cube setting. The artwork work for me was a declaration of the way in which I work and how I consider my practice to be surmised as a labour of love. 

Pricing - £1500

Socials - @leeleepants 

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