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Jason Hollis, Everything you need, nothing you don’t

Jason Hollis, Everything you need, nothing you don’t

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Oil on canvas 

Jason Hollis (b.1989) is a Liverpool-based multi-disciplinary artist whose creative practice encompasses large-scale murals, oil paintings, and stone sculptures, each medium influencing and informing the other.

Within the parameters of chaos and order, Hollis's artistic practice delves into the intricacies of our world, exploring the delicate balance that exists between these opposing forces. Drawing inspiration from both the realms of design and nature, Jason weaves geometric forms into his creations, creating a symphony of shapes that converse with each other within their respective environments.

In his ongoing exploration, Hollis finds himself irresistibly drawn to the romanticization of order, yet he understands the profound significance of chaos. It is in this understanding that the creation process of his paintings takes shape, with chaotic beginnings evolving into structured compositions. The remnants of the underpainting offer glimpses into the layers of paint that will forever remain hidden, inviting viewers to contemplate the hidden chaotic narratives beneath the surface.

‘I feel like our internal energy is misdirected. I often question what’s ‘real’, and it would appear that everything is a construct to give off the importance of necessity while actually holding very little significance to the intrinsic value of existing as a human. 

I have been painting these surreal landscapes to start to question my version of reality. 

I feel it would be a much more peaceful if our energy was directed more towards connecting with our inner selfs and the natural world.’

With Jason being heavily Inspired by nature , he toys with the idea that ‘almost everything we know on earth created by man has been inspired by nature in some way. There is also a strong connection between art and nature. We take things from the natural world and reimagine them to create something beautifully tangible for ourselves.’

 Hollis’s geometric forms have been taken from various aspects of natural formations, whether it’s the weathered walls of an abandoned quarry to the delicate golden ratio found within a plant's formation

Colour, with its vibrant palette of possibilities, assumes a pivotal role in Jason's artistic exploration. He finds fascination in the limitations of our own visual perception, as humans can only perceive a fraction of the vast spectrum of colours that exist. With a mere trio of color receptors—red, green, and blue—we are entrusted with the task of harnessing the potential of the hues we can discern. Inspired by this revelation, Hollis employs color to its fullest extent, breathing life into his creations and manifesting the brilliance of our own visible spectrum.

Size: 160cm x 180cm

Price: £3500

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