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Zahra, What's Your Poison

Zahra, What's Your Poison

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What's Your Poison, 2022

Acrylic on Canvas.

 Zahra is a Liverpool-based painter who creates bold, semi-abstracted
scenes which coat everyday behaviours in a patina of dreamlike
possibility. Emerging from a colourful haze, Zahra captures ghoulish
and strange characters engaged in normal actions, ghosts haunting
recognisable interiors and familiar scenes.
Each individual work represents a moment in time or space that the
artist has chosen to depict as it forms part of her “personal
mythology” - the series of experiences or memories that constitute who
we are as people. Zahra paints these moments to explore and question
their significance, deliberately obfuscating their personal relevance,
and gleefully taking on the role of an unreliable narrator in allowing
the artistic process (and her own bias) to suggest changes. The
resulting works are rich in emotion and mystery, and speak to how
memories can be shaped and reshaped by storytelling.
Working with acrylic paint, Zahra shares her new narratives, creating
striking, ghoulish, yet brightly coloured figures that emerge from and
sink into hazy backgrounds. Zahra wants audiences to explore the
narratives she has depicted and discover what they mean to them.


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